‘Passing Me By’ is a performative timber lattice that takes the form of a 1.9m high, 8m long wall, throughout which LED strips have been woven. Each timber piece is digitally fabricated on a CNC machine based on a complex pattern, and each piece is unique, varying slightly in height, angle and surface treatment. In the night, this means that from certain angles, the wooden slats block sightlines to the LEDs within, meaning that as the observer walks past, the lights will appear to dance

In the day, the effect will still be eye-catching, as each side of the timber sections is painted in a different colour range. This effect is hard to describe in text, so we recommend viewing Rob Ley’s “May-September” parking facade (vimeo.com/97139438) to get an idea of the kind of effect we are creating.

The audience controls their experience of the piece, the work transforming as they view it from different orientations, distances and at different walk speeds. It encourages a playful engagement, and allows people to understand the work simply by observing and experimenting with their own relationship to it.

Project Team:

Chris Welch

Jae Warrander

Makers Fabrication

Amber Stone

Beth Cameron

Gordon Yung