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Notch Lock


Design: The design is an interaction that allows two pieces of timber to intersect at any given angle producing a specific fixed joint. The design focuses on the capabilities of digital parametric tools in the generation of an adaptable solution with variable constraints, whereby, the use of CNC cutting tools can transform digital models into a physical reality. The designed intersection uses material, physical and fabrication parameters, where constraints are set and variables explored. The detailed design has built-in tolerances and a clip which holds the half-lap intersection together.

Method: Grasshopper’s digital programming capabilities are used to create and calculate the designed intersection and its tolerances. Parametric sliders in Grasshopper allow the user to define the angles of each intersection while also specifying the unique geometry for the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router to cut. The fabricated pieces of material are uniquely paired and pushed together, producing an angled intersecting material composition.

Result: The final 1:1 scale model consists of a 9 part intersecting system, demonstrating the application and potential as a series of intersecting components. The intersection provides the possibility to shift between scaled components.


  • Research
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Rhino & Grasshopper