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Pearce Place



Pearce Place, Central Otago. The building is located on an area of gently sloping terrain, sensitively placed on the site so as to maximize the views, sunlight and respond to the sites topography.
The new building consists of XLam’s Structural Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction on Engineered timber piles with a combination of both corrugated Colorsteel and plywood board and batten cladding materials. The roof structure consists of cantilevered CLT (Twinskin insulated) panels and Colorsteel roofing capable of accommodating solar panels in the future. Using Makers of Architecture’s specially developed prefabricated cladding system in conjunction with the CLT structure, the building was erected, wrapped, with the first electrical and plumbing fix complete within 2 weeks.

The house consists of 2 bedrooms, each with their respective full bathrooms, the office is the size of a small bedroom backing onto a generous open plan living space, together creating a modest  122 sq/m home.

The CLT structure creates a beautiful warm glow inside. The wall surfaces have been finish with a white wash and floors and ceiling covered with osmo hard wax oil for natural protection. Interior timber framed partition walls were prefabricated being lifted into place while the structure was erected. The framing is mostly not-structural providing future flexibility, while also lending itself to the easy installation of plaster board finishing, giving a lovely white/coloured contrast against the warm timber.





  • CLT Construction
  • Digital Fabrication
Pearce Place Completed