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Productspec Stand







Makers Fabrications worked with productspec to produce this amazing eye catching example of what is possible with digital parametric design and fabrication.

During the design process Makers Fabrication met with Chris Welch to discuss tolerances and different materials possibilities. We prototyped different materials, and found that we needed to change from a 6mm coreflute to a 4mm acrylic. This change was not a problem due to the way Chris had developed his digital design tools, where the model could be updated and shop drawings passed on to us at Makers Fabrication automatically. We took the drawings and prepared them for fabrication, this included nesting the components on to sheets which optimised material usage. The components were sanded and packaged ready for delivery.

This very complex structure was constructed in a matter of hours for the first time ever. This was capable due to very cleaver scripting and physical identity tags, allowing the physical components to be matched to the digital model, identifying to the assembler where the component sits in the construction process.

Very successful collaboration.

Thanks Productspec



  • Digital Fabrication
  • CNC Routing
  • Nesting Optimisation
  • BuildNZ Expo 2015

  • Detail Parametric Cocoon

  • Digital to Physcial Tagging

  • Assembling the Parametric Cocoon