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Warrander Studio



The Warrander Studio is a 2 bedroom stand-alone small house designed as a bridge dwelling for the Warrander’s until their new house on the neighboring site is constructed. This was prompted by the destruction of their original house during the Christchurch earthquakes. The Warrander Studio is constructed using Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) from XLAM in Nelson. Makers of Architecture developed a special system to be used in conjunction with CLT providing a weather tight highly insulated solution which can be applied to almost any design.

The CLT structure creates and beautiful warm glow inside. The surface can be applied with a number of different paint and oil finishes, while also lending itself to the easy erection of plaster board finishes where needed. This 65sq/m plan supports a pleasant living condition with the kitchen and bathroom full size, and a master bedroom which fits a king size bed with adequate walking room and wardrobe space. The second bedroom doubles as an office and is very comfortable for guest living. The lounge connects us outside blurring the indoor outdoor threshold.

The construction team consisted of 1 builder and 3 supporting unskilled labour.
The CLT  (Cross Laminated Panels) panels were assembled in 2.5 days with the help of a small hiab truck.



  • CLT Construction
  • Prefab Construction
Warrander Studio Completed